Benvenuti! Welcome!

Life is beautiful. Language is beautiful. Language is life. Without communication, there is no life. And without life, there is no… well, you get the point. I am amazed by both. And in a very practical way I dedicated my life to languages. And to life, to the Word. They fascinate and challenge me, make me cry and make me laugh, make me try and make me love. (See, and they even make me rhyme.)

You love life, too? Or you try to wrap your mind around it, like I am trying? Then stop by now and then, and let’s explore it together. In its connectedness, its complexity, its thousand shades. Life is absolute. There is no way around it. It’s broad enough that no one actually gets around it, even if one tries very hard.

I look forward to post my thoughts on life here, and I am delighted to hear from you at some point. Share your thoughts and lets dialogue. Benvenuti!

P.S.: Make sure you read the poem that lends this page its name. You don’t want to miss this stunning piece of art. 


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