“Liber liber?” – On the Freedom of Books

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Today, April 23, 2014, is the UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day. Occasion enough to write a little piece about an obviousness that we, that I, sometimes forget: Books are not free.

Liber liber non est. (The book is not free. Isn’t Latin beautiful?!) A play of words – and a play of double meaning. No, books are not free. Ultimately they can’t. Too many people are involved in the process of their making. Too many people’s water bills, school tuition, and grocery expenses depend on getting something back for the time they – the writers, editors, publishers, printers, and deliverers – put into producing books. No, books cannot Continue reading


Books of my Life… Some. So far.


Tomorrow is the UNESCO Book and Copyright Day 2014. Here is a small list of selected books that have influenced me a lot. Enjoy!


1) The Bible. (Initiated and informs my worldview. Is essentially different than any other book I ever read in my life. Calls me to thank, obey, and worship my Creator; gives energy beyond measure; encourages me to live intentionally and to love unconditionally. Not there yet, but I started my journey…)

2) My Passport. (Only 32 pages. One protagonist. Several supporting/signing characters. Boring plot. Yet the first document I would save if my house catches fire. – Reminds me that I am, after all, not a cosmopolite, but a German. By nationality. Sometimes also by heart; not sure yet.)

3) Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White (The best book – besides the Bible – to get to know Jesus Christ. It’s short, concise, and practical as well as deep. Great for everyone who wants to know for him-/herself what Bible-believing Christians believe about their God.)



Ellen G. White (The most translated American author of either gender, and most translated female writer in history. Excellent insights on spirituality, Bible, education, health, critical thinking, Christian history, personal devotion, etc. Timeless, yet very timely.)

Stefan Zweig (Sternstunden der Menschheit/Decisive Moments in History. Schachnovelle/The Royal Game and many more. Excellent. For me the Johann Sebastian Bach of German-speaking literature.) Continue reading