Sweet Travel

Let’s travel, darling!

Show me the world – the beautiful places! Breathtaking national parks, enchanted villages, vast meadows of bloom, impressive cathedrals, ancient ruins, dreamy beaches, marvelous forests, provoking galleries, educating museums, secluded caf├ęs, soul-shattering memorials, light-infused woods, buzzing metropolises, crowded subways, fine restaurants, productive conferences, entertaining shows.

Show them to me, would you please?

But also, take me to the grandest of beauties. To people who met God. To men who changed course. To women who found peace. To families who foster understanding. To guys who sacrifice for others. To girls who independently choose warmth. To people who infuse life into others by sharing their stories. Their visions. Their hopes. Their ability to wisely differentiate between good and evil in this utterly complex world of ours. People who undergird their stories with deeds. Deeds of authentic kindness. Deeds of unpretentious benevolence. Deeds of silent unselfishness. Building up lives. Working on communities. Healing one soul at a time. They themselves broken, but oh!, so beautiful.

Show me these beauties of the world. Each of them bearing the image of God the Almighty. The Eternal One. Show them to me. Let us meet them. Listening to them. Working with them. Drawing energy from them. Show them to me! More than anything else. So that I may return rejuvenated from our journey.

Yes! What sweet travel that would be…


[Photo Credit: @jordhammond at Instagram]