More Than Motivation: How Language Learning Is Like Life

More Than Motivation

Ever wondered how to boost your motivation for (re)learning a foreign language? Or how language learning fits into life? I mean, not just as another activity, but in a holistic sense?

Check out my article below, and let me know what you think.

More Than Motivation: How Language Learning Is Like Life


Learning anew – a new Language

Alfred Eisenstaedt - Left Bank, Paris, 1964.

Last week I decided to intensely study a new language for the next months … to get a good start with it this summer. And since I’ve made this conscious decision, my life seems different. I’ve been there before. It always seems and feels different when I set out to learn a new tongue. Languages are my passion (well, and my profession). As most other people, I think in language (who would have thought? lol). And I think best when I read, write and talk. Mere thinking without expression is half thinking at best. At least for me.

Intentionally diving into a new language is a bit like Continue reading